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Emfuleni for Change NPC

The Last Hope of a Community in Despair

What happened to the Dream?

With decades of neglect and mismanagement that led to catastrophic failures in roads, sewage (with hundreds of thousands of litres of raw sewerage flowing into the Vaal River daily), and electrical infrastructure (with substations now exploding at the rate of about one per month), hope has all but taken flight…

What was once the hub of heavy engineering and industry in Africa, is now fast becoming a derelict remnant of that once bustling metropolis, struggling for survival, losing its thought leadership and intellectual capital in droves. Resentment and contempt are caught in a doom-loop that threatens to erupt in civil unrest.

Rekindling Hope

The only way to restore hope is to paint a picture of the future in such clear, unambiguous and positive terms that not only will the  constituency believe it, the whole world will. Give the people something to believe in and they will change the world. But herein lies our challenge… The operative word is ‘people’! No distinction between culture, creed or political views!

We have now reached a point where the playing field between our citizenry has been leveled such that has never been experienced before, but it is at the precipice of tipping over into anarchy.

Act now – There is no time to waste. It is time to bury the hatchet and to take hands in rekindling the dream that was once a thriving community. The time is now for Thought Leadership to come together, public and private, to create an unstoppable movement for positive change that will reverberate throughout South Africa, stirring up a hope that will rejoice in uniting her people, and a testimony that it is possible to achieve harmony and constructive progress in Africa!

A raging fire that harnesses the hydrocarbons of anger and converts it to the rocket fuel of hope. Anthony Turton

Vision – A Glimpse into a Better Future

Beyond Restoring Emfuleni to its former Glory as the Hub of Industry and Heavy Engineering in Africa, what about:

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. However, without structure and teamwork, this glimpse will remain just that, a glimpse.

Giving Shape and Structure to a Dream

Achieving this gargantuan calling requires a 3-Part Strategy that will be able to withstand the test of time through extreme prejudice and severe challenge:

1 – Create a Philosophy that People will Believe in

Dr Anthony Turton

An Unstoppable Movement for Positive Change (UMPC): We need a vision for a better world – one filled with hope rather than alarmism – so that different entities can each do their own thing but align with the philosophy.

  • Unstoppable – A tsunami so powerful that Government must listen.
  • Movement – Alignment with a movement. A movement is bigger than an individual because it represents an idea for a better future. Being part of a movement protects front-line activists from being targeted by vested interests that resist change. A movement has no single leader, just many entities each aligned but focusing on the core issue that is important to them.
  • Positive – People respond well to an inspirational vision, so the foundation is about healthy lifestyles that cut across all traditionally divisive messaging found in politics.
  • Change – Reject the status quo as being a road to disaster and demand change for the better. But change within the framework of the law. The law must be applied without fear or favor, rejecting vigilantism that seeks to enforce the law. Simply put: Government must govern properly so that the citizenry doesn’t demand regime change, just a change in attitude.

2 – Create a Structure that will Drive the Philosophy

The United Movement for Constitutional Accountability (UMCA) will give form, shape and effect to the philosophy:

  • United – Formation of an effective, constructive and productive partnership between the public- and private sectors, seeking to build, renovate and rehabilitate, rather than to remain vexed in the current quagmire of corruption, mismanagement and finger-pointing.
  • Movement – As with the UMPC, alignment with a movement makes the sum of the parts stronger.
  • Constitutional – In no uncertain terms, this coalition is vested firmly in the Constitution of South Africa.
  • Accountability – With a clear mission to replace a culture of corruption, mismanagement and maladministration with transparency and accountability at all levels within both private- and public sectors.
    • It forms the basis for the coalition of entities that are facing similar challenges.
    • It creates an effective framework to unite the multitudes of community- and private-centric initiatives, to reverse the downward spiral into chaos, destruction and civil unrest.

3 – Roll-out the Agents of Change

Leaders are like eagles… they don’t flock. You’ll find them one at a time. Knute Rockne

At ground-level, create the operational capacity that will give effect to the change envisioned for achieving the collective goal.

Create a non-profit organisation to serve as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) between the public- and private sectors, with the sole purpose to repair, rehabilitate and restore the community to its former glory, and to give effect to the dreams and goals we all aspire towards.

The first of these SPVs is Emfuleni for Change (EfC), folded into an ICT web-architecture that will pro-actively support the rapid deployment of similar entities throughout South Africa, and the world.

Visualize the Enterprise

Visualization of this 3-Part Strategy is essential to understand how the individual components will uniquely and collectively play its role in the ‘big picture’:


A picture is worth a thousand words. Frederic R. Barnard

And a video is worth a thousand pictures…

Part 1 – UMPC

The Philosophy

Part 2 – UMCA

The Structure

Part 3 – Change

The SPVs

The Last Hope of a Community

This is the last hope of a community in despair, spanning the cultural and political divide, that have been crippled by circumstances beyond its collective control.

However, Change and Pain is synonymous – The one cannot occur without the other. Will we choose to remain in the concentration camps of our comfort zones? Or will we rise to the occasion and bear the pain now, in setting a new example so that our children can prosper, rather than having to face yet another ill-fated legacy left by the fathers?

The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see. Winston Churchill

It is an exact science – we know the mistakes of the past; why must we repeat them? Because a basic human instinct is to resist change… But change is inevitable; nothing remains the same, and we have it in our grasp to make the right choice right here, right now (no time to lose, as Time waits for no one); there are only two choices:

  • Do nothing, and allow the community to trundle over the abyss into anarchy and civil war, or
  • Take up the challenge to turn the tide

As for EfC, we have taken up the challenge – EfC is the last hope for a better future for us all – The Buck Stops Here!

Join us…

An Appeal to Business Leaders & Champions of Industry

Changing the world costs money, and your contribution will assist us in establishing the foundation that will create a New Emfuleni.

Please email to arrange for us to meet with you, where we will update you on progress and assist you with the Associated Member/Benefactor Registration right here on our website..

Or, if you prefer, go right ahead and Register (go to the page) as a Associated Member or Benefactor (click to see benefits) of EfC, and become part of the solution right away.

We look forward to meeting with/hearing from you.

Last updated on 2021-01-11

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