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The EfC Benefactors Hall of Fame

This page showcase our illustrious Benefactors (those who chose the Standard options; Bronze through Gold, and/or Donations in Kind), as a small token of our appreciation for your support. However, this is not all we will do for our loyal Supporters – The following are provided to all our Benefactors:

  • You are part of the 3-Part Strategy for Change – Flier
  • Tax deductible donations (our application is in progress) – SARS 18A
  • Relevant information about current issues – News
  • A means to communicate issues relating to municipal infrastructure and/or services to EfC and its members – Support
  • Your personal My Profile pages. We will do more in this area in the near future, like opening up a collaboration platform for Benefactors to communicate with each other and forming groups, etc.; like a mini FaceBook, but just for Benefactors.
  • Join the Emfuleni for Change messenger group – Telegram
  • You will be added to our mailing list, where we will publish periodic newsletters about what’s happening in EfC, including upcoming events, activities, projects, tenders, etc.
  • And many more to come…

Our Benefactors can select from the following Standard Options (monthly, recurring contributions) to support the EfC operational expenditure:

Bronze:R3,000.00 per month
Nickel:R5,000.00 per month
Silver:R10,000.00 per month
Platinum:R20,000.00 per month
Gold:R50,000.00 per month

However, for Benefactors that are not able to contribute at the entry-level Standard Option of R3,000.00 per month, we have enabled a Custom Option, where you can select any amount that would suit. Benefactors may also support our Social Development (‘Givers’) cause by donations in kind (goods & services), instead of, or in addition to, financial support.

So, if you are a Business Owner and Champion of Industry, join this prestigious group by Registering now.

The Placeholders below are waiting to be filled with your company logo, with a link to your business website.

Gold Benefactors

Benefactor in kind, by donating the old Sasol Convention Centre for exclusive use as our Offices; a value in excess of R50,000.00 per month! Thank You, Mr. Mark Hands & Team.

Platinum Benefactors

Silver Benefactors

Nickel Benefactors

Bronze Benefactors

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