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Organised Business realized that they can no longer remain on the outside looking in on a community going to ruin due to rot setting in with strategic municipal assets not being maintained over decades.

This is when the Golden Triangle Chamber of Commerce (GTCoC) stepped in and decided to do something – Enter Emfuleni for Change!

A meeting with Thought Leaders and Champions of Industry was convened on 2 August 2019, at the illustrious Emerald Resort & Casino, and EfC was conceived.

An initial EfC Management Team was put together with Specialists and a Project Definition Workshop on 16 August served to craft the basis for the EfC Start-up Project Plan, which was signed after no less than 15 draft revisions, in November 2019.


Early submissions evolved to a structure that will accommodate future growth, yet be fleet-of-foot to adapt to rapid changes and influences.

Are you in the same Boat?

Create Your own SPV Now!

This EfC Model is replicable; this whole website can be cloned in under 10 seconds, and within a fraction of the time it would take you to reinvent this wheel, you can have your own SPV, with your own corporate branding and custom content up and running. The URL of your very own SPV could look like this:

https://??? (where ??? denotes the short name of your NPC)

So, if you need positive change in your community, let us help you to join the 3-Part Strategy for Change, and in so doing we will pool resources and coordinate effort, rather than wasting time by duplicating cost and effort. It just makes sense...

Get in touch, we will get you going fast!

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