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The Emfuleni Electrical Infrastructure Intervention Program (EIIP)

See the Letter of Intent (LoI) – We have Liftoff, and there’s No Turning Back, come hell or high water!

Emfuleni for Change NPC (EfC), in association with 6 prominent business- and community organizations, reached a watershed agreement to launch the EIIP, which purpose it is to mobilize the Private Sector in rehabilitating the decrepit, apocalyptic state of electrical infrastructure in our community.

This EIIP will be executed with or without Emfuleni Local Municipality (ELM) in tow (the operative words being ‘in tow’). As business and community representatives, we have a moral obligation to intervene, and if ELM decides to obstruct this intervention (which we doubt they will, as this program is in the best interest of their constituency), we will pull so many rabbits out of our collective hats that it will make them spin for years, by which time we will have completed this mission critical rehabilitation program…

To this end, the LoI was compiled and addressed to the new Administrator of ELM, Mr. Willy Bhila (and other dignitaries), which was posted on Friday, 3 July 2020 at 10:23. This was preceded by a ‘signing ceremony’ by the 6 co-Signatories (that was sourced in a very short time frame) in support of this intervention program. However, we anticipate that the support-base will dramatically increase over the coming days, which will be formalized in an Annexure to the LoI.

I am happy to report that, at the time of writing, we have already received acknowledgement from Mr. Bhila and the Executive Mayor, Cllr Rev G. Moerane, and have high hopes that they will heed the appeal by President Ramaphosa for local councils to engage with the private sector to assist in the recovery of failing municipalities.Note that we are not waiting for ELM to respond, the time for that is past!

Let sense and sensibility prevail!

We’ve initiated a huge awareness campaign with prominent news media, and plan a formal press conference in due course to get the word out wide and far. We therefore need your support in signing our petition below, so go right ahead and sign it Now!

There are over 253 Thousand Households in Emfuleni, and we believe that there won’t be a single person not willing to support this drive, as it is mission critical for sustaining life.

Planning for Phase 1 of the EIIP will commence in earnest this coming week. Please sign the petition now and send this post to your entire contact list. This petition is not limited to Emfuleni only, so, feel free to distribute it far and wide.

If ever there was a time for all our people to stand together, this is it. As John Dickinson said in 1768;

“By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall”

This quote has never been more relevant for our time – The New Normal (post COVID-19). Life will never be the same again, so, let’s make it Better!

Let’s embrace this opportunity and show the world how a community can stand up from the ashes and take flight to new heights, by not only restoring Emfuleni to its previous status as the hub if industry and heavy engineering in Africa, but as a new Sustainable Metropolis by embracing latest global best practice, trends and innovations. We will not leave a single stone unturned, including crowd-funding, to source the financial resources in our quest to turn this tide.

We will usher in the new dawn by leveraging our own phenomenal resources, for the benefit of our community – Let the dream start right here, right now.

Flourishing Regards
Gerhard Janse van Rensburg

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